We are an organisation which specialises in improving and developing services and provision for children and young people with SEND.

Send4change was established in April 2014 at a time when there was significant change in the world of SEN and disability. We are dedicated to supporting organisations, settings, schools and colleges in managing this to bring about the change and improvements which are required.

We have brought together a team of specialists with a wide range of knowledge and vast experience in SEND.

We support organisations across the country. The team is able to respond quickly, flexibly and creatively to meet the financial challenges and cultural changes which they face in delivering SEND services.

Tom Mawhood is an experienced business adviser having worked as a subsidiary managing director for a large PLC. Tom started and exited his own business and now advises a number of small businesses in a Non-Executive capacity.

Chris Harrison is the founding Director with a wealth of experience in leading and managing SEN and disability services. Chris has been successful in delivering transformational change in a number of LAs across the country through his strong leadership and communication skills and positive, engaging and creative style.

Alison Holloway is the co-director and has substantial experience in local government relating to commissioning and transforming services for Local Authorities. Alison provides highly analytical skills in order to inform the delivery of new strategic approaches. Alison has a deep understanding of the complex funding arrangements which underpin the delivery of SEND services.