Nicola Tomlinson is an experienced IT technical consultant with over 13 years of experience working in the IT industry in the private sector. She uses her extensive knowledge of organisational IT systems and processes to help SEND4change’s innovative digital solution to support families engaging in planning processes that affect them

Nicola’s strong IT skills have supported SEND4change with technical expertise and the delivery of TIMECHECK, the personal digital planning tool for pupils with SEN and disability.

Chris Humphreys is a highly regarded professional with over 20 years of experience in special schools, most recently as a special school head teacher.
Chris has a sound understanding of the practical pressures affecting schools and other organisations as they implement the 0-25 reforms. Chris offers a pragmatic and solution focused approach that enables individuals, institutions and corporate bodies to understand the new agenda and set a clear path for change.

Chris has a committed interest in the ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ agenda and the design and implementation of supported employment opportunities for young people with SEND. He has developed an employment and employability pathway which achieved national recognition.

Rob Lancaster has been a head teacher with extensive experience of leading schools and LA services which are focused on children and young people experiencing a range of social emotional and mental health needs. He has been the Executive Head Teacher of three Pupil Referral Units all of which received positive Ofsted gradings.

Rob played a key role in re-configuring Alternative Provision for pupils who were at risk of permanent exclusion and establishing school behaviour partnerships. More recently Rob has undertaken reviews of Alternative Provision and provides coaching in mainstream and special schools and PRUs and has completed reviews of fair access arrangements in a number of Local Authorities.

Pat Bullen has a significant regional and national profile in the world of SEN and disability. Pat has over 30 years of experience as a teacher, head teacher and senior education leader and has completed a wide range of roles and responsibilities with a variety of Local Authorities, the DfE and voluntary and private organisations and is a school improvement adviser.

Pat has co-ordinated regional SEN networks, undertaken reviews of SEN in Local Authorities, and is a member of the nasen national training team. She has trained SENCos across England in primary and secondary phases, in nasen's 'Whole school approach to increasing access, participation and inclusion'. Pat has joined the NDTi (National Development Team for Inclusion) and contributes to the national ‘Delivering Better Outcomes Together' SEND leadership course. Pat is also a member of the NDTi hosted ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ team.

Sarah Everest is an experienced commissioner, manager and clinician (registered children’s nurse) with an excellent understanding of NHS and local government. She has worked across the NHS for 17 years and the NHS/Local Government for the last 7 years making a major contribution to the SEND reforms agenda. For 6 years Sarah was the ‘strategic health’ lead for improving services for children and young people with disabilities across CCGs and Local Government in an area of the East Midlands. 

Sarah has a range of experience working with partners across children and young people, parents and carers, health, education, social care and the voluntary and independent sector. Sarah has proven ability to develop and maintain relationships with a wide range of stakeholders and partners.

Jane Friswell has previously worked as a teacher, head teacher and in LA SEN Advisory roles and more recently as Chief Executive at nasen. Jane has provided leadership and innovation on product development, training and education services at national and international level. She has written extensively including the successful nasen guidance for SENCos who are preparing for school inspections.

Jane is a regular provider of professional development support and training, school improvement guidance and leadership across the 0-25 sector. Jane specialises in reviewing provision for children and young people with SEND and is skilled in analysing review outcomes and planning co-productively with clients for effective implementation.

Jane Starbuck was a primary school head teacher. She is currently the Strategic Leader for Inclusion of a large partnership of schools. She has extensive experience of special educational needs and disability and has a particular interest in pupils with social emotional and mental health needs.

Jane has established effective collaborations between schools in order to develop specialist provision, alternative provision, training and sharing of resources. She is highly regarded by the schools with which she works and lectures on the National Award for SENCos.

Our Associates

Lee Harris is an experienced Executive Leader and Leadership coach. He has 23 year’s experience as an Executive Principal and Head Teacher in both special and mainstream education, leading provision in both primary and secondary phases. Most recently, Lee has established school improvement collaborative approaches based on sharing resources and expertise in order to improve outcomes.

 Lee has vast experience of working in a variety of learning environments for young people with social emotional and mental health needs and experience of quality assuring Pupil Referral Unit provision. His career has been rooted in the most challenging environments and he is passionate about the role which education can play in overcoming social disadvantage.

Kate Browning is passionately committed to championing the SENCo role in schools. Over the last 20 years, Kate has worked as a class teacher, SENCo, Local Authority School Improvement Officer for SEN and most recently as Education Development Officer for nasen.

Kate teaches the National Award for SEN Coordination for the University of Northampton and has facilitated SENCo Network meetings for over 200 schools across Leicestershire and Warwickshire. She has produced guidance and delivered training for those leading and managing SEN provision and practice. She contributes regularly to high profile national events across the country.

Linda Lyn-Cook has a significant national profile in relation to her knowledge and expertise in autism. Previously, Linda was employed for twelve years as a Local Authority Consultant Teacher in Autism with responsibility for leading a team of specialist teachers. She has worked extensively with the Autism Education Trust as a trainer and as a member of the project and materials development team. She currently works as a School Improvement Adviser and she also lectures on the National Award for SENCos as well as other accredited post-graduate courses.

Linda is an experienced School Inspector. She has also worked strategically with Local Authorities to develop and increase access to provision. She has investigated complaints on behalf of schools and LAs. Additionally, Linda has carried out quality assurance audits of provision and of LA services and worked with these services to implement recommendations.

SEND4change: Associate Portfolio

SEND4change has recruited a portfolio of highly experienced, highly regarded Associates who share our passion and unwavering commitment to raising aspirations and achieving the best outcomes and opportunities for vulnerable learners and those with SEN and disability.