Our Knowledge and Expertise

SEND4change invests in the knowledge and development of its specialist team. As an organisation we have access to significant expertise in arrangements for young people with SEND and have a deep understanding of the:

  • future direction of travel; we know the context and changing landscape of schools, local authorities and public organisations

  • benefits of a comprehensive offer across education, health and care

  • management of complex high needs budgets and resources

  • importance of integrating education, health and social care services and those professionals that plan and deliver these services

  • benefits of partnerships and collaboration 

  • legal duties, responsibilities and risks associated with delivering services and provision for children and young people with SEND

  • inspection framework on schools, LAs and health bodies

  • importance of a robust SEN support offer, as well as the importance of high quality outcomes focussed EHC plans

  • risks to young people if they become disengaged from learning either through choices they make or through exclusion

  • preparation for adulthood and how families and young people need to maximise the opportunities for work, independent living and healthy lives.