Birmingham City Council: Completion of a comprehensive SEN Review

SEND4Change facilitated a comprehensive review of SEN arrangements in order that the local authority could develop a new SEN strategy.
This involved:

  • An analysis of available data and information
  • Facilitation of a series of work streams which engaged a variety of stakeholders and which achieved a consensus amongst participants
  • Production of a comprehensive report describing the outcomes from the review and providing recommendations for a new SEN strategy
  • A handover to Local Authority Officers and the City Council’s SEN Commission Board.


Derby City Council - High Needs Funding arrangements

SEND4change was asked to facilitate the development and introduction of a new system of devolved SEN funding in the City. SEND4change helped to establish collaborations of schools in localities across the City which enabled schools to make local decisions about local need. The system has been successfully introduced.

London Borough of Waltham Forest - Special School Sufficiency

SEND4change carried out a special school sufficiency exercise, which identified the local authority’s special school capacity requirements until 2025. An analysis of data trends and opportunities resulted in a report which predicted a shortfall of the type of provision required. 

SEND4change facilitated a dialogue with potential providers in order that the shortfall in provision could be met locally and cost effectively.  

London Borough of Redbridge - Review of Speech and Language Therapy Services

SEND4change carried out a review of speech and language therapy in order to inform the joint commissioning of a new SALT service. SEND4change facilitated a dialogue with parents, schools and therapists which resulted in a series of recommendations for commissioners.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

SEND4change has worked with the SEN team in Rotherham on a number of projects. SEND4change has provided advice and guidance for newly appointed senior SEN officers as well as managing a number of specific projects. These include the development of Social Emotional and Mental Health partnerships aimed at reducing the likelihood of  young people being permanently excluded.  Secondary schools have now developed new an innovative approaches to alternative provision and collaborative working which prevents young people becoming disengaged from learning.

Investigation of complaints

SEND4change have investigated a number of complaints on behalf of Local Authorities and Education Trust Boards. The complaints were fully investigated and remedies identified.  The investigations were conducted in confidence, with rigour and in a timely a manner resulting in a series of recommendations which have been acted upon by Local Authorities and Education Trust Boards.  

Examples of work completed by SEND4change