Our Vision and Values

SEND4Change’s vision:

To support organisations in delivering strategies, services and arrangements for children and young people with SEN and Disability which provide opportunities to access high quality education and training and lead to sustainable employment, a healthy, meaningful and prosperous life. 


Our Values and Principles

  • We listen, analyse, reflect and record our findings and produce accessible reports and visually engaging information
  • We are generous in our giving and sharing of knowledge and expertise
  • We strike a good balance between autonomy and accountability
  • We generate solution focussed ideas and options 
  • We poke, provoke, challenge and elevate
  • We take collective responsibility and expect others to accept their responsibilities for vulnerable groups
  • We use person centred approaches, and we take positive steps to ensure that all voices are heard
  • We recognise the importance of healthy life choices and the role health services play in maximising opportunities for young people
  • We have an inclusive practice and philosophy
  • We value partnerships and collaborations
  • We believe in engagement, coproduction and enablement of families and young people. These families and young people are at the heart of what we do
  • We are forward and free thinking
  • We are excited by creative and innovative solutions
  • We are innovators and deliver transformational change
  • We value and understand the importance of effective leadership in schools, LA’s and public organisations 
  • We understand the impact on organisations of implementing change and improvement at a time of diminishing resources
  • We believe in making the best uses of resources to deliver quality provision
  • We believe in taking people with us, we persuade and influence but produce solutions that are owned by the clients and have sign up from partners/stakeholders
  • We want to facilitate the delivery of the best possible services for children and young people with SEN and Disability.